What You'll Learn Inside

  • What to focus on first served in bullet pointed chunks
  • How to get people to come back (and a strategy that you can implement in 30 minutes or less that has never resulted in failure (ever).
  • How to diversify your revenue streams before you spend any time or money building a website for your business or product (the avenue that most people take, and fail).
  • How to increase your visibility with partnerships.
  • How to utilise your existing clients and potential client resources.
  • Quick fixes and more elaborate ways to increase your earnings
  • How to maximise your productivity, whether you have 10 minutes or 10 hours.
I want it!

Find your power faster.

This short training may be exactly what you need to make this year your best year yet.

Meet Maggie

The founder of Tog Academy

Maggie is a professional photographer and a successful entrepreneur who specialises in personal coaching and in-person sales training for photographers.

She is the creator of In-Person Sales Bootcamp - 6 week immersive online training for those wanting to significantly increase their average sale and overall earnings with the help of wall art and carefully selected products.

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