Branding inspo packs for Canva

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15 Branding Canva combos to get you started with your studio's identity.

Do you find your brand's on-line presence, fonts, colours and style inconsistent?

Get your hands on our 15 brand boxes, including 15 perfect combos of colours, logo, fonts and style.


Details & What's Included

  • 15 combinations of colours / fonts / logos (with separate editable elements) to get you started on your branding journey or to give your brand a fresh, new look.

Why do you need Branding inspo packs for Canva?

  • Stand out from the competition with your memorable brand and professional looking collateral.
  • Unify your brand look and make it uniquely yours.

Branding inspo packs for Canva

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Branding Inspo Packs for Canva