Customer & Client Reconnection Sequence

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Reconnect with your past customers using this straightforward email sequence. Designed with photographers in mind, this series of messages re-establishes trust, offers genuine value, and reminds customers why they chose you in the first place.

Practical and heartfelt, it's a reminder that behind every business is a person who truly cares.

YES !!!

Details and What's included:

  • Reconnection email sequence of 5 emails
  • Reconnection email
  • Exciting updates email
  • See what others are saying / testimonial email
  • Ask for an opinion / survey / feedback email
  • A "Special Treat Just for You" email
  • Offer reminder emails

Use the template in email or as a content for your messages!

Never struggle for what to say when getting back on your clients' radar!

Customer & Client Reconnection Sequence

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Customer & Client Reconnection Sequence