250+ Digitalab Wall Art Room Template Collection

for Canva (basic and PRO)


Increase your wall art sales with the plug & play Digitalab Wall Art Room Template Collection.


What's Included

  • 250+ room & wall art combinations with the most popular Digitalab frames, sizes and colours
  • Set of stand alone digital frames you can use in Canva
  • Single frames included: Camden Tray, Farrow, Scandi, Thatch, Fine Art Natural, Ladders, Elegance, Sovereign and Farrow
  • Multi-apertures included: Farrow, Sovereign, Scandi and Manhattan
  • Spheres

These templates are fully editable in the Canva app, and you can use them again and again. All you need is your photographs, dropped into the allocated template boxes, and you are ready to show off your work in style, to encourage your clients not just to settle on digital files but to start building the need for wall art.

Why do you need 250+ Digitalab Wall Art Room Plug & Play Canva templates?

  • Wall art sales increase your average sale value and profit.
  • Plug and Play templates will show off your work in style.
  • These are great as sneak peeks on your social media, with your session images clipped in.
  • They can be used on your blog and in your newsletter, when talking about your offering.
  • Seeing them on your social media normalises product purchase and makes clients want to adorn their own walls in the same way.
  • Show off your room templates during your sales appointments to get clients to visualise their images in situ.
  • Create a slideshow with mock-ups of various styles to show off your work and display ideas to clients.
  • Advertise a special deal or a seasonal collection on offer, using room templates.
  • Use room templates on your website, to get clients used to the idea of buying wall art from the start.
  • Use room templates on your homepage to set the expectations from the moment they come across your company online.
  • Use room templates in your price list.
  • Use room templates in your product brochure and studio magazine.

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