Family Posing Training

+ Family Session Consultation Questionnaire

Only: £79

During this training, Maggie will show you how she structures her family photoshoots for variety, how she runs her consultation to get the best out of her clients in terms of styling and expectations on the day.

She will talk you through all her signature poses and any pitfalls to avoid when structuring the poses under pressure, no matter what ages and body types we are working with.

Each pose comes with a thorough explanation of hand, legs and prop placement, cues and things to watch out for.

It's time to take your family posing to another level!


Details and What's included:

  • A recording of the Family Posing Training with cues, tips and prompts.
  • Printable Family Session Consultation Questionnaire to get all the information you need from your clients in order to structure your session for variety and profit.


Why do I need a Family Posing Training?


Family Session is the only shoot relevant to all clients, at any age, so everyone is your target market. It's not time constrained, like cake smash, maternity or a newborn session.


You will gain confidence in posing large and small family group and this will result in faster work and more variety in your galleries.


More variety of images means higher sales.

Order Summary
Family Posing Training

Hey, I'm Maggie

Your Instructor

For nearly a decade, I've dedicated myself to the art of capturing meaningful moments, specialising in family portraiture.

A pivotal moment in my photography journey came a few years into my business when I discovered my true passion lay in documenting the essence of families. It wasn't just about creating visual memories; it was about crafting an experience that resonates with the unity and love shared by each family.

My mission extends beyond delivering printed photographs. I strive to encapsulate the genuine connections, laughter, and warmth that make each family unique. It's about freezing moments in time that tell a story, evoke emotions, and create lasting memories.

Through my lens, I aim to provide families with more than just images; I want to offer an immersive journey, a celebration of togetherness.

As a trainer, I want to pass this passion onto you, to elevate your photography business and expand your family services, whilst giving you all the tools and the confidence to do it all effortlessly. in family portraiture.