The Maternity Posing Guide

Photography by Natasha Ince


In this guide, Natasha will show you her top 10 poses she does for her high end clients plus bonus poses for couples and families that you can add to your maternity sessions.

Each pose comes with a thorough explanation of hand, legs and prop placement, cues and things to watch out for.

It's time to take your maternity posing to another level!



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Details and What's included:

  • 45 page Maternity Session Posing Guide with cues, tips and prompts
  • Access to Natasha's Student ONLY Facebook group, with regular discounts on editing videos, lives and training.

Why do I need a Maternity Posing Guide?


Maternity Session is the first contact with your client, who can then become a client for life, booking you for newborn and family sessions, cake smashes and more.


You will gain confidence in posing moms-to-be.


It will add variety to your galleries and help you sell more images.

Here's an example of a pages from the Maternity Posing Guide by Photography by Natasha.

Order Summary
Maternity Posing Guide by Photography by Natasha Ince

Hey, I'm Natasha

The creator of The Maternity Posing Guide

I am 32 years old from the West Midlands in the UK and before I started my photography business I was a singer/songwriter and performer… can you tell?

A few years into my photography business I realised that all I wanted to do was make women love themselves. I wanted them to see how amazing they were, I wanted them to feel confident in their own skin and I desperately wanted them to embrace the journey they were going on.

If you could see the person I am today, compared to the person I was 10 years ago when I started my business, you wouldn’t recognise me. Not only have I built this for myself from nothing, I have continued to grow and help so many other photographers and business owners across the world.

I have created a better life for myself and for my family and I have discovered who I really am along the way…
how have I done that?

Failing, taking risks, feeling both excited & scared
Crying, laughing, believing in myself, being consistent, not accepting average work
Dreaming of more, practicing

Don’t be afraid to change your life.
Don’t be afraid to take time to find out who you really are.
Don’t be afraid to be YOU.