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So you designed your template.. now what?

When specialising in family portraiture, you'll want to strategically place your leaflets where they are likely to be seen by your target audience. Here are some effective places to leave your photography service leaflets:

1. Local Family-Oriented Businesses: Visit and collaborate with family-friendly businesses such as toy stores, children's clothing boutiques, or baby supply shops. Ask if you can leave your leaflets at their checkout counters.

2. Paediatrician and Obstetrician Offices: Many expectant and new parents frequent these offices. Placing leaflets in waiting rooms can help you reach your target demographic.

3. Schools and Preschools: Ask for permission to leave leaflets in school offices or common areas where parents gather, such as bulletin boards or parent association newsletters.

4. Community Centres: Many community centres have bulletin boards or designated areas for local business promotions.

5. Local Libraries: Libraries are often frequented by families. Check if they have a community bulletin board where you can post your leaflets.

6. Cafes and Restaurants: Inquire if you can leave your leaflets at coffee shops, family-friendly restaurants, or eateries with community boards.

7. Children's Events and Activities: Attend local family events, fairs, or children's activities, and set up a booth with your leaflets. Alternatively, provide leaflets to event organisers to distribute.

8. Daycare Centres: Leave leaflets with daycare centers or childcare providers, as they often have parents in need of family portraits.

9. Local Magazines and Newspapers: Advertise in or submit articles to local family-oriented magazines or newspapers. They may also offer leaflet distribution services.

10. Online Platforms: Utilise social media, local online communities, and your photography website to offer digital versions of your leaflets or promote your services.

11. Word of Mouth: Encourage your current clients to share your leaflets with friends and family who might be interested in your services. Add a few with their order when they come to pick it up.

13. Dental practices

14. Post office

15. Playcentres

What about wedding photographers?

When specialising in wedding photography, it's crucial to target locations where engaged couples or those planning weddings are likely to see your leaflets. Here are some strategic places to leave your wedding photography service leaflets:

1. Wedding Venues: Contact local wedding venues and ask if you can leave your leaflets in their lobby, reception area, or at the front desk.

2. Bridal Boutiques: Many brides-to-be visit bridal shops to find wedding dresses and accessories. Bridal boutiques are excellent places to leave your leaflets.

3. Wedding and Bridal Expos: Participate in wedding expos or bridal fairs in your area. You can set up a booth and distribute leaflets to engaged couples attending the event.

4. Florists: Florists often work closely with couples planning weddings. Leave your leaflets with florists to recommend your services to their clients.

5. Wedding Planners: Wedding planners can be valuable referral sources. Establish relationships with local wedding planners and provide them with your leaflets.

6. Jewellery Stores: Engagement ring and jewellery stores attract couples looking for rings and wedding bands. Leave your leaflets with these stores.

7. Catering Companies: Wedding caterers have connections with engaged couples. Leave your leaflets at catering companies or collaborate with them for referrals.

8. Hair and Makeup Salons: Leave leaflets at hair and makeup salons where brides often go for beauty treatments and wedding day preparations.

9. Hotels and Inns: Many couples book accommodations for out-of-town guests at hotels or inns. Leave your leaflets with local lodging establishments.

10. Wedding Invitation Shops: Couples often visit invitation shops when planning their weddings. Ask if you can leave leaflets at these stores.

11. Wedding Cake Bakeries: Leave your leaflets at bakeries that specialise in wedding cakes.

12. Local Event Planners: Event planners who specialise in weddings may appreciate having your leaflets on hand for their clients.

13. Photography and Art Schools: Some engaged couples look for photographers who specialise in artistic or unique styles. Leave leaflets at local photography and art schools.

14. Engagement Photo Locations: Popular engagement photo locations, such as parks or scenic spots, are great places to leave your leaflets.

15. Online Wedding Forums and Groups: Promote your services in online wedding forums, social media groups, and wedding planning websites.

16. Local Bridal Magazines: Advertise in or submit articles to local bridal magazines. They often have opportunities for leaflet distribution.

Remember to obtain permission from businesses and institutions before leaving your leaflets, and ensure that your leaflets are visually appealing and provide essential information about your photography services, portfolio, and contact details.

Start designing your brochure now and get new clients locally!

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